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Our team of marketing experts and creatives is made up of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, bringing a unique blend of skills and perspectives to every project.


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Paul Armstrong
General Manager
Rob Aldecoa
Head of Agency
Greg Ablitt
Head of Sales
Matt Shaw
Partnerships Manager
Pat Fitzgerald
Business Development Manager
Molly Engwerda
Business Development Manager
Carolina Barrios
Digital Project Manager
Dave Merriweather
Senior Designer
Melanie Martin
Senior Designer
Lauren Bearkley
Graphic Designer
Melissa Ramon
Graphic Designer
Jacinta Auld
Digital Marketing Specialist
Michael Scully
Digital Content Writer
Chelsea Hunt
Content & Social Media Coordinator
Josephine Copley
Digital Content Writer
Michael Vincent
Senior Web Developer
Chris Luthe
IT Support / Systems Admin

Our people are the key to our success.

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Man smiling while working on laptop | IONYX digital

6 Ways Capability Statement Meets Customer Needs

Distinguishing your company from the competition has always been challenging, but it is necessary. This is where a capability statement becomes an invaluable asset, particularly in the tendering space. It’s a comprehensive yet concise overview of your business that can effectively communicate to potential clients and partners why your company is the ideal choice for […]

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Digital Tools to Enhance Productivity | IONYX Digital

why capability statements matter for businesses

Creating meaningful connections in the business world is all about sharing your story in a way that resonates; this is where the capability statement comes into play. Far from just a summary of services, a capability statement highlights your company’s identity and dedication to quality. Crafting a capability statement is like opening a window into […]

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Robust Digital Solutions | IONYX Digital

How to Write a Capability Statement: A Comprehensive Guide

A well-crafted capability statement is one of the most effective ways to showcase your strengths as a business to project decision-makers. This document is a professional resume for your business, highlighting your expertise, services, and what sets you apart from the competition. We at IONYX Digital will help you understand and coach you on how […]

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