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About IONYX Digital

IONYX Digital is a digital marketing agency that specialises in providing custom digital solutions to small-to-medium sized businesses. 


We’ve been where you are, and we know your struggle. 

At IONYX, we started as a small business that kept being knocked back when reaching out to large-scale clients. After several setbacks, we were finally told that, whilst we had a great product, our presentation and digital presence did not match. We then went in search of a digital agency with the specialised experience we needed, but we couldn’t find one.

So, we decided to do it ourselves.

Now, thanks to our new digital presence, our industry leading products JMS, Fly2Work, and LSP are used by large-scaleTier 1 companies like Shell, Rio Tinto, and BHP. We’ve had so much success that we decided to share our knowledge with other small to medium sized businesses. Thus, IONYX Digital was born.

We’ve been where you are, but we can help you get further.


Shaped by established industry leaders.

IONYX Digital is part of the IONYX Group, along with other companies and products such as Local Suppliers Portal, Journey Management System (JMS), Fly2Work, and Vela Digital. As part of this distinguished group of industry leaders and experts, we are committed to delivering exceptional digital solutions and upholding the highest standards of quality and innovation. 

IONYX, our parent company, drives results through human insight, innovative technology and performance marketing. They help organisations improve efficiencies and revenue-driving performance to thrive in a digital-first age.

Local Supplier Portal, our sister company, simplifies supplier management through a cloud-based platform that enables efficient onboarding, communication, and collaboration with local suppliers.


The values that guide us.

Be an explorer

We are curious and constantly seek out new opportunities and ideas.

Own mistakes

We learn from our mistakes to improve. We own our mistakes and act with integrity.

Find positives

We put our energy into positive actions to achieve goals for our clients and our people.

Be empathetic

We actively listen, encouraging perspective-taking and cultivating compassion.

We’re family

Amazing things happen when we band together and operate as a family.


Meet your team of experts

Paul Armstrong
General Manager
Rob Aldecoa
Head of Agency
Greg Ablitt
Head of Sales
Matt Shaw
Partnerships Manager
Pat Fitzgerald
Business Development Manager
Molly Engwerda
Business Development Manager
Carolina Barrios
Digital Project Manager
Dave Merriweather
Senior Designer

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